Pseudo Enums in JavaScript || How to Implement a Router in Vue.js

What is the best way to implement an Enum in JavaScript?

That has been the question I asked myself last time I was implementing the router in a Vue.js application. I want so define the routes in a separate file, so that I can reference these everywhere in the application.

The first and obvious idea was to define some consts:

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That means I have to import the specific route name I want to use in a dependend file:

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This looks okay, at first sight, but thinking about it, makes me feel that this solution is not the best way to do so. The cons are:

  • I have to name each constant in the import and
  • it could also clash with other constants.

So I search for something like an Enum to bundle these values together.

I found that the best way to do so is to define an object with all values and freeze it:

Now I can use these Enum with a simple import and will also get no name clashes:

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I could also implement a iterator in this Enum Object or other helper.

Hope this helps a little bit.

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